About Us

Swankridge was founded and established in 1965 by SallyAnn Swank. It has been her lifelong dream to effectively change how the elderly are cared for. More specifically in the area of Alzheimers Disease, dementia care and stroke rehabilitation. She has received fulfillment from her dream…her experience and success with Alzheimers Disease, stroke and orthopedic patients have become a model rehabilitation treatment known throughout the country.

When aging relatives and friends need special care, Swankridge is tasked with maintaining their lifestyle, as well as attending to their daily physical, mental, emotional and medical needs. Until Swankridge, the care available was limited to an institutionalized or nursing home setting or home care with a nurse or companion. The Swankridge Care System evolved because of the need for a very special place. A place where an individual can maintain their dignity and quality of life they're accustomed to, while receiving compassionate medical and rehabilitative care.

Swankridge Care Center